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Gibran’s trees

Traveller now you can stop counting how many shelters that fell homes that were not yours hands that pushed. Feel no shame traveller for your journey (which continues) for the dark hollows you… Continue reading

Ice Fishing

Steel teeth ripping through steel ice feet thick he watches one bead of sweat land on the wounded circle he is carving and melt. The circle gives way. He pushes one side of… Continue reading


Consider your origen: It is likely someone was drunk a frantic clutch of fabric and air a smolder of desire Or the thing growing beneath the mud now arching against the insurmountable anyway… Continue reading

The agreement of traffic lights

Do you hear the sound of breaking glass and grinding steel the moans of those about to die? Those are the sounds we hear when we ignore the agreement of traffic lights.  … Continue reading

One new, one old

All you want All you want is a mattress on the floor of an empty room. Maybe a sheet, maybe a pillow maybe a crack in the wall for a scrap of light.… Continue reading

God’s Body

God’s Body reflections from the summer sessions of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (Quakers) 2013 And it is in the gritty soil of Allentown among the bones of buried miners commingling with the coal that… Continue reading

The Crouching Poems

Untitled Girl He was wandering lonely and touch starved when he saw her. A small girl on the edge of the forest with hair like woodsmoke and breasts like worlds. She walked in… Continue reading

Diana’s Baths

Took a walk to Diana’s Baths today. It’s a series of naturally formed pools and water falls off of the West Side Road in North Conway New Hampshire. It’s an astonishing inter-play of… Continue reading