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Not what it’s worth, but what she needs

; Art4Barter is the brainchild of studio artist Antonio Puri. I met Antoino at an Art4Barter exhibit in the Northern Liberties of Philadelphia in mid-December. The front room of his home is a… Continue reading

Franzen, Freedom and f—cking

One of the most radical notions my production company plays with, is that there is no such thing as good art. Neither is there such a thing as bad art. Not everyone in… Continue reading

The Sweet Patina of Whateverness

“Consider whether great changes have not happened deep inside your being in times when you were sad. The only sadnesses that are unhealthy and dangerous are those we carry around in public in… Continue reading


When someone you know dies, things become surreal. It’s like you still hear their voice, but now it’s coming from another room – another room in the great mansion which housed your friendship.… Continue reading

The Who Am I

  My only advice for you is this. Go into yourself and probe the depths from which your life springs, and there at its source you’ll find the answer to the question of… Continue reading

Joanna Macy and Ranier Maria Rilke

Listen to the poet: Through the empty branches the sky remains. It is what you have. Be earth now, and evensong. Be the ground lying under that sky. Be modest now, like a… Continue reading