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Cinderpost 4: farewell

Some memories: I dried up early in the run – went blank on stage. It had been a while since I had so totally forgotten the next line,  and the head-spinning anxiety and… Continue reading

Cinderpost 3: understudies

We’ve had two understudies go on in the last month. Drew Carroll went on twice for our Prince, Peterson Townsend, who was felled by a nasty chest cold which took away his voice,… Continue reading

Cinderpost 2: theater for families

Those who bemoan the decline of classical music in America would do well to study what the Arden Theater is doing with its family theater shows. Often the provence of the basement theater,… Continue reading

Cinderpost 1: of families and death

Thank you, God, or whatever you call yourself, if you are really there at all, and if you have a nice sense of humor (on which I am banking), for the family you… Continue reading