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A day in the life of the citizen actor: vol. whatever

  Another in a series. Here, here and here. 6: 30 something a.m. Amazingly consistent body clock lifts me to consciousness before 7:00 a.m. alarm. Bathroom and iPhone activity but not at the… Continue reading

Notionpost 4: the reading and then, the debauch

The reading, on stage at The Gerding Theater, went very well. I think most of us were glad to be in front of an audience, and our collective juices were flowing. Aaron wisely… Continue reading

Shrewpost 14: the unexpected magic

Had one of those odd, magical shows today. It’s a Saturday matinee and the weather, as if to compensate for the extended winter we’ve been having, is mighty fine. We thought no one… Continue reading

Shrewpost 5: the dress and the dramaturgy

Late last week, I had a child care melt down in the middle of rehearsal. My cell phone vibrated in my pocket mid-scene – it was Ella’s day care. During break I listened… Continue reading

Shrewpost 3: scansion

Some thoughts on scansion: There are interesting missing feet in the wooing scene, implying, perhaps, pauses. A friend said to me recently, “Remember, they’ve never laid eyes on each other until that scene.”… Continue reading

On Criticism

The following is part of an ongoing debate in Philadelphia over a particular critic. For more on that whole thing, check out We Love Toby! This was a response to a list-serve post to Theatre… Continue reading

The Horizon

So I will play Katerina in The Taming of The Shrew next year. At my Galileo callback I told Blanka about the U Arts job and the teaching conflicts it will create in any rehearsal schedule. Another… Continue reading

A day in the life of the citizen actor: 10-8-10

36 hours in the Citizen Actor’s Life: the 10 – 8 – 10 sequence. 6:10 am. Awake. Kids climb in bed with us. We pretend to sleep as they crawl all over us.… Continue reading