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One Day At A Time.

  It’s a cliche, right? It conjures up all your 12 step stereotypes. Or you see a poster with a kitten hanging from a branch. Maybe you have a friend in recovery, and… Continue reading

Phil and his families

They say you can’t choose your family. They’re wrong. We make families again and again. We make them from work, from play, and from life-altering experiences we are thrown into with no reason, and… Continue reading

The now.

Things have been all crashing down and wobbly underfoot lately. The last six weeks have been  . . . trying not to be melodramatic . . . challenging. There’s the professional thing that… Continue reading

Redemption or not.

I feeling surprisingly strongly about this: Either you believe in redemption or you don’t. Your answer to that question will profoundly affect they way you think about many other “big ticket” items in… Continue reading

Salempost 8: opening

We opened last night. It’s a word that Miller uses in a Quaker fashion in the play: “I want to open myself!” screams Abigail when begins to “confess” to seeing the devil. “Proctor,… Continue reading