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Bright Invention

Long form improvisation has returned to my life with vengeance. It was 2007 when I was last immersed in it. But now White Pines has formed its own ensemble. I’m in it. Jenn… Continue reading

The Deception of Surfaces: Long-form excerpt

In 2008 I performed in LEAP, a long-form improvisation  show at the Live Arts Fringe Festival in Philadelphia that year, directed by Bobbi Block. The experience had such a profound effect on me… Continue reading

LEAPpost 5: reflections

So there’s been a phrase jumping around in my head since working on LEAP which I feel like writing. But I can’t be sure if it’s authentic or if it’s just hyperbole to… Continue reading

LEAPpost 4: workshop performance

Riding the bus downtown for Saturday’s LEAP rehearsal, I had one of my “fall in love the world” moments. It’s one of those unexpected endorphin rushes, or caffeine pops, or God caressing. I… Continue reading

LEAPpost 3: forms and secrets

Today, Bobbi put a bunch of big pieces of construction paper up on the walls. They were divided in black marker into four sections, and the sections filled with “forms”. One might go:… Continue reading

LEAPpost 2: plans and tone

Long form improv shines a light on one of my challenges: the need to have a plan, to create a “script”, to join events together into some holistic pattern that has meaning for… Continue reading

LEAPpost 1: fear and excitement

I’ve begun improv boot camp with Bobbi Block and four dear friends and fellow citizen actors from the Philly theatre community in preparation for our performance at the Live Arts festival in Philadelphia… Continue reading