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The Canadian Festivals

I’m turning 50 in a few weeks. Apparently this is a big deal. Whatever. I have reached the place in my journey where rather than be obsessed with or concerned by my age, it… Continue reading

Panache post 5: otherness

I’ve been to two memorial services recently. They were strikingly similar. The first, held last month, was for Jiri Zizka who in the late seventies co-founded one of Philadelphia’s best theaters with his… Continue reading

Panache-post 3: objectives

For acting geeks out there: I have experienced an interesting journey with the time-honored concept of the “objective”. Variously called “objective” “psychological objective” “goal” “purpose” and “intention” (a variation my drama school acting teacher… Continue reading

Earle Gister

My Yale Drama School acting teacher died this week. He was 77 and lived long and tumultuous life. He was an extraordinary teacher. In my first year at Yale Drama School, I was… Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Jimmy Mac

Today is Jim MacLaren’s birthday. He died August 31st, 2010. In his honor, I am re-posting the eulogy I gave at his memorial service. I Am Not My Body A eulogy for Jim… Continue reading

Invalidpost 1: comedy is hard

I have left Susan and the kids in Chatham and am back home alone to begin rehearsing The Imaginary Invalid at People’s Light. Being alone is very tricky for me. I hate it. Lots of… Continue reading

Spirituality and Actor Training

About Revival: Meetings for Theatre, an exploration of Quaker spiritual practice and actor creativity: We are left with the question of application. How, then, can we offer this work to theatre artists, or to… Continue reading