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The Celtic Shaman

I went to Cherry Hill to hear Francis Dunnery and John Wesley Harding play a benefit for Planned Parenthood. My friend Teri Rambo took me – she’s an awesome musician too. But I… Continue reading

The now.

Things have been all crashing down and wobbly underfoot lately. The last six weeks have been  . . . trying not to be melodramatic . . . challenging. There’s the professional thing that… Continue reading

Franzen, Freedom and f—cking

One of the most radical notions my production company plays with, is that there is no such thing as good art. Neither is there such a thing as bad art. Not everyone in… Continue reading

Should Art Be Sold; or, Is Patronage Patronizing. Lyceum #1.

When I arrived in Philadelphia in 1994, Cary Mazer was the theater critic for the City Paper. As I was drawn in to the theater community over the next several years, I was… Continue reading

Diana’s Baths

Took a walk to Diana’s Baths today. It’s a series of naturally formed pools and water falls off of the West Side Road in North Conway New Hampshire. It’s an astonishing inter-play of… Continue reading

Taboo’s death

I took my eleven year old son to see the new movie The Green Hornet. About 30 minutes into it, Griffen turned to me and whispered “You sure this isn’t rated R?” Nope.… Continue reading


Been thinking about change a lot recently. About how we can become so resistant to it, so afraid of it. How who we think we are is dependent upon some aspect of our… Continue reading

WordPress Practice, or, What I Thought of on 2nd Street

Okay, I going to try to share a blog post and put some pix in it. Crazy, right? I might even throw in a hyperlink – there I go! Mysterylink! So . .… Continue reading