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80-post 2: Gags

On Gags Dan Hodge is playing Detective Fix in Around the World in 80 Days. It’s been great to watch him work on the gags and routines that are making up much of… Continue reading

Tunapost 7: that’ll learn ya

  Things Tuna Taught Me (this time): 1. It is a privilege to make people laugh. Usually the shine begins to tarnish on a show as I go along, till by the end of… Continue reading

LEAPpost 5: reflections

So there’s been a phrase jumping around in my head since working on LEAP which I feel like writing. But I can’t be sure if it’s authentic or if it’s just hyperbole to… Continue reading

LEAPpost 2: plans and tone

Long form improv shines a light on one of my challenges: the need to have a plan, to create a “script”, to join events together into some holistic pattern that has meaning for… Continue reading

Shrewpost 5: the dress and the dramaturgy

Late last week, I had a child care melt down in the middle of rehearsal. My cell phone vibrated in my pocket mid-scene – it was Ella’s day care. During break I listened… Continue reading

Invalidpost 5: finale

Invalid has come and gone, I have begun teaching at UArts, co-teaching at Arcadia and running “The Barbara Lewis Acting Teacher’s Workshop” at the Wilma Theatre. Susan has begun rehearsing this year’s panto, Robin Hood,… Continue reading

Invalidpost 4: tech

Tech is tense. Lillian has invented an elaborate comic dumb show as a prologue, in which we make the obligatory cell phone announcement, sponsor thanks and subscription beg entirely without words. She keeps… Continue reading

Invalidpost 1: comedy is hard

I have left Susan and the kids in Chatham and am back home alone to begin rehearsing The Imaginary Invalid at People’s Light. Being alone is very tricky for me. I hate it. Lots of… Continue reading