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Janna Kane, P.T. Barnum, Fox and me.

“Ben Lloyd is part George Fox and part P.T. Barnum.” That’s how someone described me, or how someone said someone else described me. I like it. Years before I heard that I named… Continue reading

Michael Gagne on Ecocide

It helps that he looks like Tom Cruise. Or does it? Listening to Michael Gagne speak about the ecological condition of the earth, I was reminded of the ideas I wrestle with in… Continue reading

Quaker Bridge Building

This is from a ROUGH DRAFT of a speech I am preparing to deliver to Philadelphia Yearly Meeeting in residential session, July 25 – 30 at Rowan University, New Jersey. The speech will… Continue reading

10 things that unite us

Friends! I speak to my fellow seekers of the Truth, to whom I have been enjoined through the mystery of electronic communication: blogs, emails and websites. I am so blessed by your ministry,… Continue reading

Reflections on Revival: Meetings for Theater

We have been steeped in process, without regard to result, and this has been liberating. We were free to wallow in the unknown, and as we became more comfortable with following leadings to… Continue reading

Jasonpost 3: lost

Speaking of careers, the whole issue of “what ifs” came nosing out of it dirty little hole the other night. I had just finished watching “Lost”, a T.V. series Susan and I are… Continue reading