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Invalidpost 4: tech

Tech is tense. Lillian has invented an elaborate comic dumb show as a prologue, in which we make the obligatory cell phone announcement, sponsor thanks and subscription beg entirely without words. She keeps… Continue reading

Invalidpost 3: scolded

It’s the Tuesday before tech week, and we’ve had our first taste of the “bad cop”. I’ve been noticing the way Lillian lavishes praise on her actors. She’s been thoroughly “good cop”. With… Continue reading

Invalidpost 2: feeding the kelp

What a love/hate relationship we have the audience. Lillian began a rehearsal recently by talking about “the kelp”. “The what?” I said. “You know – in the audience, “ and she made the… Continue reading

Invalidpost 1: comedy is hard

I have left Susan and the kids in Chatham and am back home alone to begin rehearsing The Imaginary Invalid at People’s Light. Being alone is very tricky for me. I hate it. Lots of… Continue reading