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Tunapost 7: that’ll learn ya

  Things Tuna Taught Me (this time): 1. It is a privilege to make people laugh. Usually the shine begins to tarnish on a show as I go along, till by the end of… Continue reading

Tunapost 6: transformation again

It had been a long day. I didn’t sleep well last night. Griffen woke me up twice. Once at 1:30 a.m. when he reported an “ear ache”. That took an hour, between the… Continue reading

Tunapost 5: the exquisite communion

Packed house tonight, and the late-comers were loopy. Several tipsy ladies sat in seats that were almost on stage with us. In the opening moments of the play, two of them chatted audibly… Continue reading

Tunapost 4: hello, opening!

  So I arrive at our last preview last night to discover Madi rummaging through a plastic bag full of cards and gifts. “Hey”, I say, “you’re a day early for opening night… Continue reading

Tunapost 3: laughter in the ambient light

Mid way through our second ten out of twelve. The company is in good spirits. The zany energy of the play has infected us all, and even the ridiculous six-second costume changes don’t… Continue reading

Tunapost 2: in our skivvies

Tech looms. We are working through the insanely quick costume changes in the rehearsal room. It’s both fun and demanding, taking an enormous amount of patience and preparation, and utilizing the skills of… Continue reading

Tunapost 1: am I too old for this?

  At the beginning of the second week of rehearsing my second go-round with the little comedy that could: Greater Tuna. In 1996, I appeared in the “Arles track” at the Gretna Playhouse in Lancaster County,… Continue reading