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Tunapost 7: that’ll learn ya

  Things Tuna Taught Me (this time): 1. It is a privilege to make people laugh. Usually the shine begins to tarnish on a show as I go along, till by the end of… Continue reading

My 15 minutes

  The other Disney movie Ella is obsessed with – even more than Lion King – is Beauty and The Beast. This was not on my mind when I wrote the Spring integration,… Continue reading

What “crucible” means

I need to record something that happened at the end of The Crucible. It was significant to me and it didn’t make it into this blog. During the talkbacks, a frequent question would be,… Continue reading

Salempost 10: reflection

“Whore!” screams Proctor, and he rushes to take down Abigail, who is shaking from a “chill wind” she says Mary has sent upon her. In the ensuing speech, after Willard has pulled him… Continue reading

Salempost 9: reviews

Submitted to the Philadelphia Inquirer. Never published. *** What happens when a play gets panned by a critic? I have long suspected that, in our thriving artistic community in Philadelphia, the answer is:… Continue reading

Salempost 8: opening

We opened last night. It’s a word that Miller uses in a Quaker fashion in the play: “I want to open myself!” screams Abigail when begins to “confess” to seeing the devil. “Proctor,… Continue reading

Salempost 7: previews

We have our first audience tonight, and my wig will finally arrive. It has been waylaid in some currier purgatory in Baltimore, so I have been one of two crew-cut men in a… Continue reading

Salempost 6: process

I have had a lot of time to witness the way actors work. This is a sizable cast, and I have been struck by how different our methods, habits and processes are from… Continue reading