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Letter to a performing artist

An old friend and fellow performer sent me an email this morning. He is someone of eccentric and spiritual creativity. I admire him and I have have for some time. He represents the… Continue reading

White Pines: The Republican theater company?

Relax, the title of this post is a joke. Someone in Philly tried recently to create a Republican theater company and I recall seeing heated exchanges in various electronic fora about it. Anyone who… Continue reading

Not what it’s worth, but what she needs

; Art4Barter is the brainchild of studio artist Antonio Puri. I met Antoino at an Art4Barter exhibit in the Northern Liberties of Philadelphia in mid-December. The front room of his home is a… Continue reading

The motion of gifts

While setting up for the Berserker Residents offering, I discovered some leftover soda that a fashion shoot had left in a small room off the “court” – the grand entrance. I quickly set it… Continue reading