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Reuben Mitchell: a tribute

This is a repost of an excerpt from a blog post I originally published last year on November 17th, days after Reuben Mitchell was killed. I was in rehearsal for the Arden Theater production… Continue reading

Cinderpost 3: understudies

We’ve had two understudies go on in the last month. Drew Carroll went on twice for our Prince, Peterson Townsend, who was felled by a nasty chest cold which took away his voice,… Continue reading

Cinderpost 1: of families and death

Thank you, God, or whatever you call yourself, if you are really there at all, and if you have a nice sense of humor (on which I am banking), for the family you… Continue reading

PhillyInc: Creatively Robust | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/21/2010

The slogan for my production company, White Pines Productions (see link on the right) is by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “A creative economy is the fuel of magnificence”. For evidence that I and my… Continue reading

The Gross Clinic

As an artist living in Philadelphia, I have been interested in the on-going concern about Jefferson University Hospital’s decision to sell Thomas Eakins’ masterpiece The Gross Clinic. Artists are used to feeling marginalized… Continue reading