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George Floyd, Whiteness and Improv.

This post was originally published on on May 31, 2020. *** Bright Invention unequivocally denounces the murder of George Floyd and stands with those who are protesting for an end to racist… Continue reading

What is this Bright Invention you speak of?

Disclaimer . . . this was a blog post I began writing last year and then forgot about. As I am cleaning out all sorts of stuff during this pandemic, I dusted this off,… Continue reading

Letter to a performing artist

An old friend and fellow performer sent me an email this morning. He is someone of eccentric and spiritual creativity. I admire him and I have have for some time. He represents the… Continue reading

Re: commodifying improv

In her review of the panel discussion I co-presented and participated in (Improvising an improv economy), Judy Weightman does a passable job of capturing the free-wheeling nature of the event. With six passionate participants,… Continue reading