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Questpost 7: on the cusp

Imported from iWeb: Questpost 7: on the cusp In two days, on Sunday April 6th, Quaker Quest will appear in America for the first time. And I say, hallelujah. I have been so… Continue reading

Questpost 4: speed

Showman/Shaman So – how do you like the new look? I got tired of the limitations of the old blog. I was growing envious of others’ spiffy graphics, etc. So here’s my .mac… Continue reading

Questpost 3: initiative

  And what of initiative? What of impulse? What of the creative act, which separates itself from conventional thinking and blazes a new trail? If we look at early Friends, we might say,… Continue reading

Questpost 2: gusty winds

On Wednesday January 30th, some Friends gathered at the Pendle Hill study center to participate in a consultation on Quaker Quest, led by Elaine Craudereuff of F.G.C. Present were the General Secretaries of… Continue reading

Questpost 1: and we’re off!

Questpost 1: And we’re off It must be said: sometimes it works. Sometimes, a group of people who call themselves Quakers, or at least “people who go to a Quaker meeting once in… Continue reading