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Mentioned in The Oxford Handbook of Shakespeare & Performance (ahem, ahem)

My old friend Cary Mazer sent me notice today that I am quoted in his article with the impressive title “Documenting the Demotic: Actor Blogs and the Guts of the Opera Singer” in… Continue reading

Tunapost 7: that’ll learn ya

  Things Tuna Taught Me (this time): 1. It is a privilege to make people laugh. Usually the shine begins to tarnish on a show as I go along, till by the end of… Continue reading

Tunapost 5: the exquisite communion

Packed house tonight, and the late-comers were loopy. Several tipsy ladies sat in seats that were almost on stage with us. In the opening moments of the play, two of them chatted audibly… Continue reading

Shrewpost 15: a letter from Kate, the shrew

Dear Ben, Thanks for bringing me to life, or should I say, banging your head against the shape Will made for me. Whatever I am, I’m not easy. You tried, and in some… Continue reading

Shrewpost 14: the unexpected magic

Had one of those odd, magical shows today. It’s a Saturday matinee and the weather, as if to compensate for the extended winter we’ve been having, is mighty fine. We thought no one… Continue reading

Shrewpost 13: the run begins

Tuesday, the students mostly slept. There were some gasps when Tom and I kissed, but generally it was anti-climactic. At the Wed. mat. we were giving away tickets. Depressing. Friday night we had… Continue reading

Shrewpost 11: opening week

  When I arrived for the last preview, which was last Tuesday, I said to myself – the hell with it, I’m going to have fun tonight. And lo and behold, I did.… Continue reading

Shrewpost 10: previews

  I’m wiped out. Yet another last minute adjustment has thrown 4.5 back in flux. The Petruchio tantrum – which we tried Friday at first preview – wasn’t right. At rehearsal Saturday I… Continue reading