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Dualism, relationships and results

    I’m on a roll here. Do you think your project is a failure? Do you think it’s a success? I have news – it’s neither. It’s just your project. But perhaps… Continue reading

Politics, narcissism and the culture of judgment

Imported from iWeb: There’s a good political debate going on now on the list-serve of the Theatre Alliance of Greater Philadelphia. The fervor and passion displayed there makes me proud to be a… Continue reading

On Criticism

The following is part of an ongoing debate in Philadelphia over a particular critic. For more on that whole thing, check out We Love Toby! This was a response to a list-serve post to Theatre… Continue reading

Spirituality and Actor Training

About Revival: Meetings for Theatre, an exploration of Quaker spiritual practice and actor creativity: We are left with the question of application. How, then, can we offer this work to theatre artists, or to… Continue reading