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God’s Body

God’s Body reflections from the summer sessions of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (Quakers) 2013 And it is in the gritty soil of Allentown among the bones of buried miners commingling with the coal that… Continue reading

Quakerism, authority and God.

I am taking a sabbatical from Quaker meetings these days. Part of the reason is that I am in the midst of leaving one meeting which is now too far away for me… Continue reading

An Open Letter to My Yearly Meeting

“We are inclined to call things by the wrong names. We call prosperity ‘happiness’, and adversity ‘misery’ even though adversity is the school of wisdom and often the way to eternal happiness.”  William… Continue reading

Michael Gagne on Ecocide

It helps that he looks like Tom Cruise. Or does it? Listening to Michael Gagne speak about the ecological condition of the earth, I was reminded of the ideas I wrestle with in… Continue reading

Questpost 3: initiative

  And what of initiative? What of impulse? What of the creative act, which separates itself from conventional thinking and blazes a new trail? If we look at early Friends, we might say,… Continue reading

Questpost 2: gusty winds

On Wednesday January 30th, some Friends gathered at the Pendle Hill study center to participate in a consultation on Quaker Quest, led by Elaine Craudereuff of F.G.C. Present were the General Secretaries of… Continue reading

Questpost 1: and we’re off!

Questpost 1: And we’re off It must be said: sometimes it works. Sometimes, a group of people who call themselves Quakers, or at least “people who go to a Quaker meeting once in… Continue reading

The Covenant Community

Covenant: a law or agreement between God and a community. We gathered a Swarthmore Friends Meeting Saturday October 6th to examine how we could transform our meetings into “covenant communities.” Present in this… Continue reading