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Letter to a performing artist

An old friend and fellow performer sent me an email this morning. He is someone of eccentric and spiritual creativity. I admire him and I have have for some time. He represents the… Continue reading

Dualism, relationships and results

    I’m on a roll here. Do you think your project is a failure? Do you think it’s a success? I have news – it’s neither. It’s just your project. But perhaps… Continue reading

I don’t make plans.

Sometime during the last month, a friend was standing in my kitchen and asked me a question. I don’t remember who this friend is now, and that says less about my mental health… Continue reading

PhillyInc: Creatively Robust | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/21/2010

The slogan for my production company, White Pines Productions (see link on the right) is by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “A creative economy is the fuel of magnificence”. For evidence that I and my… Continue reading