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Invalidpost 1: comedy is hard

I have left Susan and the kids in Chatham and am back home alone to begin rehearsing The Imaginary Invalid at People’s Light. Being alone is very tricky for me. I hate it. Lots of… Continue reading

My 15 minutes

  The other Disney movie Ella is obsessed with – even more than Lion King – is Beauty and The Beast. This was not on my mind when I wrote the Spring integration,… Continue reading

The Horizon

So I will play Katerina in The Taming of The Shrew next year. At my Galileo callback I told Blanka about the U Arts job and the teaching conflicts it will create in any rehearsal schedule. Another… Continue reading

Salempost 9: reviews

Submitted to the Philadelphia Inquirer. Never published. *** What happens when a play gets panned by a critic? I have long suspected that, in our thriving artistic community in Philadelphia, the answer is:… Continue reading

Salempost 1: schedules

With Susan and I both being in the play, it has brought the Citizen Actor paradigm to the front of my mind very often. How I long for a Monday – Friday, 9… Continue reading


It is the season of solstice, of pagan rituals of death and re-birth; and it is the Christian season of Advent, of the celebration of the deliverance of a magical, divine child in… Continue reading


I am calling this post an integration. I wish to synthesize the events in my life into an integrated witness of God at work through one man. I have recorded a process, now… Continue reading

Jasonpost 4: talkback

Jason and the Golden Fleece rolls along. We have just crossed the half-way point in our run. When I arrived at People’s Light, I was skeptical about the family theatre thing, and I even… Continue reading