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Panache-post 3: objectives

For acting geeks out there: I have experienced an interesting journey with the time-honored concept of the “objective”. Variously called “objective” “psychological objective” “goal” “purpose” and “intention” (a variation my drama school acting teacher… Continue reading

Shrewpost 8: darkness

More true confessions. There is such an awesome sorrow in my personal and professional life right now that I feel my darkness bleeding on my fellows in rehearsal. I am like Pig Pen,… Continue reading

Master Class with Antonio Fava

People who make theatre do it neither in homage to the past nor aiming for future beatification; they do it (or at least they should) for the audience present in that very moment… Continue reading

The Compleat Works on The Cape

Saw The Compleat Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) at a community theatre here on the Cape. I’ve heard of this play but never seen it. It’s delightful. Sooz’s brother was one of the three actors.… Continue reading


I am calling this post an integration. I wish to synthesize the events in my life into an integrated witness of God at work through one man. I have recorded a process, now… Continue reading

Meetings for Theater – background

In preparation for our work together it may be useful to have some understanding of group theatrical experiences within the larger context of the history of theatre production structures. When we refer to… Continue reading