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Tunapost 7: that’ll learn ya

  Things Tuna Taught Me (this time): 1. It is a privilege to make people laugh. Usually the shine begins to tarnish on a show as I go along, till by the end of… Continue reading

LEAPpost 3: forms and secrets

Today, Bobbi put a bunch of big pieces of construction paper up on the walls. They were divided in black marker into four sections, and the sections filled with “forms”. One might go:… Continue reading

Shrewpost 7: diets and the journey into laughter

Okay, true confession time. I’m dieting for this play. Why? Two words: bike shorts. You know, those tight, lycra things that go from mid-thigh to waist. It’s what I wear in the play,… Continue reading

Invalidpost 4: tech

Tech is tense. Lillian has invented an elaborate comic dumb show as a prologue, in which we make the obligatory cell phone announcement, sponsor thanks and subscription beg entirely without words. She keeps… Continue reading

Invalidpost 2: feeding the kelp

What a love/hate relationship we have the audience. Lillian began a rehearsal recently by talking about “the kelp”. “The what?” I said. “You know – in the audience, “ and she made the… Continue reading

Master Class with Antonio Fava

People who make theatre do it neither in homage to the past nor aiming for future beatification; they do it (or at least they should) for the audience present in that very moment… Continue reading