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Born To Run

I discovered the music of Bruce Springsteen late. I had a dim awareness of the album that changed everything – Born To Run – while in junior high. And my prep school roommate… Continue reading

The Sweet Patina of Whateverness

“Consider whether great changes have not happened deep inside your being in times when you were sad. The only sadnesses that are unhealthy and dangerous are those we carry around in public in… Continue reading

LEAPpost 5: reflections

So there’s been a phrase jumping around in my head since working on LEAP which I feel like writing. But I can’t be sure if it’s authentic or if it’s just hyperbole to… Continue reading

Shrewpost 10: previews

  I’m wiped out. Yet another last minute adjustment has thrown 4.5 back in flux. The Petruchio tantrum – which we tried Friday at first preview – wasn’t right. At rehearsal Saturday I… Continue reading

Shrewpost 8: darkness

More true confessions. There is such an awesome sorrow in my personal and professional life right now that I feel my darkness bleeding on my fellows in rehearsal. I am like Pig Pen,… Continue reading