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Bright Invention

Long form improvisation has returned to my life with vengeance. It was 2007 when I was last immersed in it. But now White Pines has formed its own ensemble. I’m in it. Jenn… Continue reading

The professional amateurs

Went to see a play last night: The 39 Steps. It was performed at a summer stock theater called The Barnstormers in Tamworth NH. I liked it. It’s precisely the kind of silliness… Continue reading

The motion of gifts

While setting up for the Berserker Residents offering, I discovered some leftover soda that a fashion shoot had left in a small room off the “court” – the grand entrance. I quickly set it… Continue reading

Bottompost 7: virtues, fiascos and Oz

I tell my students: acting is the discovery of virtues. This is how I have attempted to move the locus of that study from the mind to . . . some other part… Continue reading

Bottompost 6: magic

I’ve been asked to speak about magic. The Lantern runs a series of panel discussions around themes in the play currently onstage. For Midsummer, they chose “Commedia“, “Sex” and “Supernatural”. I have spent… Continue reading

Bottompost 4: previews and opening

What a week. It’s pretty simple: in order to save money and produce a play as big as A Midsummer Night’s Dream, small theater companies have to make compromises. In the case of… Continue reading

Bottompost 3: tech

I recently wrote about  the mysterious journeys of props. At the Lantern, I stumble across remnants of my own past performances. The luggage above was used in the first show I did at… Continue reading

Bottompost 2: the more things change . . .

One of the things I love the most about this play, and which I am so excited to get into, is the way Will has let us see a bit into the life… Continue reading