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Shrewpost 10: previews

  I’m wiped out. Yet another last minute adjustment has thrown 4.5 back in flux. The Petruchio tantrum – which we tried Friday at first preview – wasn’t right. At rehearsal Saturday I… Continue reading

Shrewpost 9: transformation

4.5 has reared its ugly head again, late in the game. Our journey into laugher was feeling hollow, forced, contrived. I have always felt that pretending to laugh on stage is worse than… Continue reading

Shrewpost 7: diets and the journey into laughter

Okay, true confession time. I’m dieting for this play. Why? Two words: bike shorts. You know, those tight, lycra things that go from mid-thigh to waist. It’s what I wear in the play,… Continue reading

Shrewpost 5: the dress and the dramaturgy

Late last week, I had a child care melt down in the middle of rehearsal. My cell phone vibrated in my pocket mid-scene – it was Ella’s day care. During break I listened… Continue reading

Shrewpost 4: first rehearsal

  The all-male cast settled around folding tables and read through the play, with two women at the helm: Dael, our stage manager and Ceal our director. I will leave the import of… Continue reading

Shrewpost 1: first read

  It seemed like a good idea at the time. Play one of Shakespeare’s greatest FEMALE roles for a director I love at a theatre I admire. Sure, the money’s not great, but… Continue reading