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LEAPpost 5: reflections

So there’s been a phrase jumping around in my head since working on LEAP which I feel like writing. But I can’t be sure if it’s authentic or if it’s just hyperbole to… Continue reading

Spirituality and Actor Training

About Revival: Meetings for Theatre, an exploration of Quaker spiritual practice and actor creativity: We are left with the question of application. How, then, can we offer this work to theatre artists, or to… Continue reading

Reflections on Revival: Meetings for Theater

We have been steeped in process, without regard to result, and this has been liberating. We were free to wallow in the unknown, and as we became more comfortable with following leadings to… Continue reading

Meetings for Theater – background

In preparation for our work together it may be useful to have some understanding of group theatrical experiences within the larger context of the history of theatre production structures. When we refer to… Continue reading