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80-post 2: Gags

On Gags Dan Hodge is playing Detective Fix in Around the World in 80 Days. It’s been great to watch him work on the gags and routines that are making up much of… Continue reading

Tunapost 5: the exquisite communion

Packed house tonight, and the late-comers were loopy. Several tipsy ladies sat in seats that were almost on stage with us. In the opening moments of the play, two of them chatted audibly… Continue reading

Salempost 6: process

I have had a lot of time to witness the way actors work. This is a sizable cast, and I have been struck by how different our methods, habits and processes are from… Continue reading


I am calling this post an integration. I wish to synthesize the events in my life into an integrated witness of God at work through one man. I have recorded a process, now… Continue reading