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George Floyd, Whiteness and Improv.

This post was originally published on brightinvention.org on May 31, 2020. *** Bright Invention unequivocally denounces the murder of George Floyd and stands with those who are protesting for an end to racist… Continue reading

What is this Bright Invention you speak of?

Disclaimer . . . this was a blog post I began writing last year and then forgot about. As I am cleaning out all sorts of stuff during this pandemic, I dusted this off,… Continue reading

Improvathon wrap! Or, give us money . . . so we can give it to someone else!

Owen Corey playing my boyfriend while my former boyfriend Eric Walker walks away, dejected. A performing arts group spends a couple of months preparing for a big fundraiser. It’s the biggest event they… Continue reading

What improv offers the differently abled

Bright Invention teacher Kiersten Adams address the Acting Out! Ensemble It was March or April 2014. With the help of my brother I had just opened a small performing arts studio in my… Continue reading

The Total Artist

Lee Breuer When I was in my second year at The Yale School of Drama, our acting class had an intensive with avant gard stage director and creator, Lee Breuer. He was the… Continue reading

What Improv Teaches us about Community

Bright Invention ensemble members Shea Sonsky and Kiersten Adams at the Steel City Improv Theater getting ready for the post-show jam with amazing Pittsburgh improvisors!   It’s Saturday morning and I’m recovering from… Continue reading

Are you a human being? Or a human doing?

I don’t remember who said it. I don’t even remember where I was when I heard it. But I know this. I was in a bad place. I was looking for solace, or… Continue reading

Five Ways Improv Will Save The World

In case you haven’t memorized it yet, here is the mission of Bright Invention, the organization I run: Bright Invention uses improvisation to empower people and organizations to unlock their potential. An improv… Continue reading