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The Celtic Shaman

I went to Cherry Hill to hear Francis Dunnery and John Wesley Harding play a benefit for Planned Parenthood. My friend Teri Rambo took me – she’s an awesome musician too. But I… Continue reading

Crosby, Still, Nash and mom

  My mother has been here for the last five days. It was great to have her here. I took her to her first rock concert, a Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young reunion… Continue reading

Beauty, The Beast: a story

Beauty, the Beast The little boy looks out the window on to the noisy avenue. He is three and has only just learned to walk. Pulling the little chair to the window and… Continue reading

Salempost 2: week 1

I burst into tears driving to rehearsal today. I was singing along to Francis Dunnery’s Riding on the Back and when I came to the chorus:I’m riding on the back (horns!) I’m riding on the… Continue reading