Diana’s Baths

Took a walk to Diana’s Baths today.

It’s a series of naturally formed pools and water falls off of the West Side Road in North Conway New Hampshire.

It’s an astonishing inter-play of rock and water. It’s God showing us that opposites can be compliments.

It’s a magical place, full of secrets and memories.

It is stillness and peace.

And it is drama.

I have been coming here since I was little. Now, I bring my own little ones here.

But today they were absent, and I missed them.

My memories swirled.

Who was I the last time I was here? And the times before that?

The rock and water say, it doesn’t matter.

They invite me towards eternity.

They say, this is you.

Right here in the now is where the adventure is – don’t miss it.

Please, they ask, please just stop and take us in.

And we will do the same for you.

Photos taken with an iPhone 3GS and TiltShift Generator.