Jasonpost 5: the prayer

Here is the prayer I say backstage, before my first entrance in Jason: “God be with me, God be through me. I am the faucet, turn me on”. Repeat until centered. Enter, and look… Continue reading

Jasonpost 4: talkback

Jason and the Golden Fleece rolls along. We have just crossed the half-way point in our run. When I arrived at People’s Light, I was skeptical about the family theatre thing, and I even… Continue reading

Meetings for Theater – background

In preparation for our work together it may be useful to have some understanding of group theatrical experiences within the larger context of the history of theatre production structures. When we refer to… Continue reading

Pink Clouds

Spoke to Yitzak yesterday. He is still in residential rehab outside Baltimore. He called a few days ago to say his wife was filing for divorce. This wasn’t a surprise to anyone, but… Continue reading

Jasonpost 3: lost

Speaking of careers, the whole issue of “what ifs” came nosing out of it dirty little hole the other night. I had just finished watching “Lost”, a T.V. series Susan and I are… Continue reading

A day in the life of the citizen actor

  Up at 6:30 a.m. Groggy actor wife helps make breakfast for six and two year olds, who are full of energy and very demanding. P.B.S. ritual begins a bit after seven: Arthur… Continue reading

Jasonpost 2: leadership

My God, I’ve forgotten how overwhelming acting is. I am playing two relatively small supporting roles in Jason, and still I haven’t been able to focus on anything else for the past two weeks.… Continue reading

Jasonpost 1: prophecy

We have to be careful when we say we have discerned God’s voice in our lives. The patterns and sequences are often mis-leading, and God works on eternal time, our lives being nano-blips… Continue reading