Salempost 3: The Rev. Hale

I have found myself drawn down deeply into the life-altering journey of the Reverend John Hale of Beverly of The Crucible. I wonder sometimes if my not being able to go to meeting… Continue reading

Salempost 2: week 1

I burst into tears driving to rehearsal today. I was singing along to Francis Dunnery’s Riding on the Back and when I came to the chorus:I’m riding on the back (horns!) I’m riding on the… Continue reading

Salempost 1: schedules

With Susan and I both being in the play, it has brought the Citizen Actor paradigm to the front of my mind very often. How I long for a Monday – Friday, 9… Continue reading

Rice’s Christ The Lord

I just finished Anne Rice’s Christ The Lord. I think it is a remarkable achievement, as much for the deep humanity in it, as for the clear vision she presents of 1st century Judea.… Continue reading

Spirituality and Actor Training

About Revival: Meetings for Theatre, an exploration of Quaker spiritual practice and actor creativity: We are left with the question of application. How, then, can we offer this work to theatre artists, or to… Continue reading


It is the season of solstice, of pagan rituals of death and re-birth; and it is the Christian season of Advent, of the celebration of the deliverance of a magical, divine child in… Continue reading


I am calling this post an integration. I wish to synthesize the events in my life into an integrated witness of God at work through one man. I have recorded a process, now… Continue reading

Reflections on Revival: Meetings for Theater

We have been steeped in process, without regard to result, and this has been liberating. We were free to wallow in the unknown, and as we became more comfortable with following leadings to… Continue reading