The Horizon

So I will play Katerina in The Taming of The Shrew next year. At my Galileo callback I told Blanka about the U Arts job and the teaching conflicts it will create in any rehearsal schedule. Another… Continue reading

Master Class with Antonio Fava

People who make theatre do it neither in homage to the past nor aiming for future beatification; they do it (or at least they should) for the audience present in that very moment… Continue reading

Beauty, The Beast: a story

Beauty, the Beast The little boy looks out the window on to the noisy avenue. He is three and has only just learned to walk. Pulling the little chair to the window and… Continue reading

The Compleat Works on The Cape

Saw The Compleat Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) at a community theatre here on the Cape. I’ve heard of this play but never seen it. It’s delightful. Sooz’s brother was one of the three actors.… Continue reading

Follow the Drinking Gourd

The light was shining brightly from the stage of the Heritage House Gym on Tuesday morning this week. Griff and his 16 classmates performed my adaptation of the story Follow the Drinking Gourdto a… Continue reading

In betweens

  My author’s copies of Actor’s Way arrived the other day. You’d think I’d jump around the house like a happy toddler. Instead, I began reading it neurotically, and was seized by the fear that… Continue reading

Salempost 10: reflection

“Whore!” screams Proctor, and he rushes to take down Abigail, who is shaking from a “chill wind” she says Mary has sent upon her. In the ensuing speech, after Willard has pulled him… Continue reading

Salempost 9: reviews

Submitted to the Philadelphia Inquirer. Never published. *** What happens when a play gets panned by a critic? I have long suspected that, in our thriving artistic community in Philadelphia, the answer is:… Continue reading