Mentioned in The Oxford Handbook of Shakespeare & Performance (ahem, ahem)

My old friend Cary Mazer sent me notice today that I am quoted in his article with the impressive title “Documenting the Demotic: Actor Blogs and the Guts of the Opera Singer” in the collection The Oxford Handbook of Shakespeare & Performance. Cary quotes extensively from my blog entries chronicling my journey playing Kate in the all-male production of The Taming of the Shrew I did for The Lantern Theater in 2007.

In the article, Cary examines the phenomena of actor blogs, and considers what they reveal about the process of bringing Shakespeare to life. I found it a fascinating topic, and then was blindsided by the wash of feelings I had as I returned to a time in life ten years ago, when everything was turning upside down, and Kate was one challenge among many.

For obvious reasons, I can’t republish the article here.   You can click here to purchase his article. But you will have to subscribe to Oxford Handbooks Online.

Or you can purchase the book here. It is, um, pricey. 

Not me and Tom, but the same idea . . .