How to Save the World, or Owls: A Manifesto

This manifesto was created by participants of Happening 1, produced by White Pines Productions at Broad Street Ministry June 8th, 2013. It was written over the course of the evening on paper table cloths. All contributions have been recorded here as faithfully as possible. The only editing is as follows:

  • “Articles” = individual table cloths
  • The entries of have been organized into headings and sub headings.

The pictures accompanying the text are of  original manifesto contributions. For a full picture gallery of Happening 1, click here.

Benjamin Lloyd is not the author of the following:

How To Save The World, or Owls.

Image of panel 1

Image of panel 1

Article 1.

  • So before I felt comfortable writing on paper in Sharpie I had to check that it wouldn’t stain the table. I found this cloth is lined in plastic, and the table below will not be stained so, I wrote.
    • A fable: Rabbit’s got. Cats crabs cancer. Car heart pickle. Beetle boxer. Living DNA. Leaf and owl, blind by day,  convinced his keeper to purchase specialized lenses. The lenses were not cheap, and the keeper wore a certain sense of contempt towards the owl, mingled with regret and the resigned kind of dread that accompanies the recognition of a responsibility naively assumed & irremediably borne. Little things the owl did began to grate against the keeper’s habitually demure humor.
  • Sleep when you’re tired. Eat when you’re hungry. Work when you’re dead.
    • You can’t create and evaluate at the same time.
    • I think I can, I think I can I think I can I think I can. You totally can. I did it!
    • Actors are like insects
  • I want to travel.
    • Persephone.
    • Oh abubad. Tapuyh 6 z
    • Dataa. Dayadvam. Damyata.
From panel 2

From panel 2

Article 2.

  • If I had stayed in my home town? I would have fun forever, and do nothing.
    • No one does return from the house of turn.
    • That stands to remain.
    • It’s a vagina inside the butt cheeks.
    • Molly Brown.
    • Smile, asshole.
  • Care. If you care you can save the world.
    • Don’t litter.
    • I dropped my bread.
    • Onion and potato pirogue.
    • Noodles.
  • Just keep trying and trying and failing, and trying and failing, and try, fail, try, fail.
    • Say what? Oh no! Say what? Oh no! Say what? Oh yeah! Oh yeah!
    • Lather, rinse and repeat
    • Build homes. Don’t waste water.
  • To save either, provide with trees, let them look a little funny (or even scary), don’t put them in cages, clean out the poop.
    • Let them eat mice!
    • Woah.
    • Oye Da.
    • Love it.
From panel 2

From panel 2

Article 3.

  • Create.
    • Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world.
    • No! Poets are suckas!
    • No! Poets are of the legislators of the unacknowledged world!
  • Think critically about the status quo.
    • Destroy cars and bugs and trucks and factories. Stop littering! Recycle compost. Pay attention to what you are doing. Plant gardens! Put animals back in their environments. Stop global warming.
    • Destroy those darn owls!
  • Peace meets peace and makes a baby. Love is the baby’s motive.
    • Love be the command to which we all bow in utter peace & reverence.
    • Love each other.
    • How’s love?
    • Be nice. Stop littering. Don’t waste water. Protect animals.
    • Give up, give in, give love.
    • Stop and breathe.
  • To protect the spotted owl, we need to prevent brown owls from stealing their habitat, and alter logging practices.
    • Fear to truth.
    • Be yourself and honest.
    • Think.
    • Potato
    • Dink p
    • [picture of cow who says:] Drink me.
  • To be or not to be, does it really matter?
    • No one ever asks Waldo.
    • Kilroy was here.
    • Asia is a continent, and person.
    • My mama taught me early to turn the other cheek.
  • Melt the ice, raise the water, cleans the earth.
    • And I saw the heart of the light, the silence.
    • To create a (ivo) man-made earth quake.
    • [picture of a whale who says:] Please don’t hurt me . . .
    • Keep on smiling, and the world will still turn.
    • It is happening.
From panel 3

From panel 3

Article 4.

  • With your donation of ninety million dollars, we can save the owls.
    • 24 [illegible] 5 2 8 give me your money.
    • Share.
    • Wait, I can’t deal. My [illegible].
  • I believe in failure.
    • Fear is failure and the forerunner of failure.
    • We are scratching up and down.
    • To shift in reverse.
  • How to save world?
    • Little children, love each other.
    • No more babies, no more bibles. Or baby-related matter.
    • Uncle Bob.
    • Jill was here.
  • Save the owls by saving the mice and other things they eat. Maybe some water too.
    • We can’t save the owls.
  • She’d never been to [illegible].
    • I saw no one coming, so I went further inside.
    • Drink up [illegible]
    • Love what you do!
    • And who you are.
  • Art should say something!
  • Even saying nothing says something.



Recently discovered – article 5!

My bones are crumbling, slowly like a fading sunset into the night. The present. My present. Your present. Our present. / Make shit up! /  Make up shit! /  During the [ illegible ] / Will again? / Gemma Frank

Art should say something. Even saying nothing, says something. / Crayon. / Do not . . . quill. / Vibe / Glow. / Kill? / Believe / Love yourself! / Fan your fire / Or Not!/ Hi! / Sheesh . . . all day.

Come si fuera esta noche, la ultima vez. Oh me esposa! / La Mesa / Table. / La verdad. / Spleen. / Mucho / Synchronicity / This tablecloth is rippy.

Find an owl, then let it go! Hootie how, hootie who? / Hoot! / Waaaaah! / Sniff.

Hi everyone. [ illegible ] John 4:16  King Fu Pantie / Number 2 wrote this (in the dark) / Drink up, buttercup. It’s a mess.