Kenyapost 9

Kenya: a poem of gratitude.

Suddenly I am
on the womb-earth
dressed inappropriately
decked out in my distractions
encumbered by clutter
like an organ overgrown
with cancer
like a walking virus
Then the Rift smashes me clean
ripping off the excess
pulling me open and apart
polishing me down to the
tender nubs and follicles
I am naked in Your sight
All the senses open from the womb
all the functions are on display here
my body is not precious, not unique
it is food here
and the gorgeous creatures contemplate
my taste
Shock turns to comfort now
as the womb enfolds me in her
ancient mud
and I am one with all the rank
and visceral substances
which cover my judgments
in placental slime
She contracts, she pushes
and I am born again
amidst my ancient family
pink, brown and in between
we press against eachother
in love
in recognition of our scent
I am under the Yellow Acacia now
naked bottom against naked dirt
naked back against smooth bark
black brother beside me
sleeping lioness above
electric blue bird
we have all been 
killing and eating
There is an ocean of darkness
and over it the endless light
and across the ocean my clutter beckons
my distractions shimmer in the distance
my clothing flutters on a far off line
the lioness stirs and I must go
but I will not wipe this dirt from
my backside
 I will mix it with my own dirt from home
and plant myself where I can grow
like this tree and this astonishing cat
stinking filthy rich
with life.