Cool Stuff Happening at a Gorgeous Place This Summer

Warning! Shamless Promotion Coming! But really, wouldn’t you like to do some cool stuff here this summer?

The Elkins Estate. 30 minutes from Philadelphia City Hall

Workshop for Acting Teachers ($250)

Led by Benjamin Lloyd

Eight Sundays, June 12 – August 7 (no July 3 class)

This class is a development of the class described in part two of the book The Actor’s Way. It is a workshop for two kinds of participants:

  • those who have not taught acting before and want to gain a foundation from which to build their own approach to teaching acting. At the end of the course, these students should be able to prepare a course on teaching realistic acting within a number of different kinds of institutions, and have some experience to build on with which to run exercises, coach scenes and guide students through a curriculum.
  • those who are already acting teachers and who seek a group experience with other teachers and students in which to examine their own methods, and share exercises, insights and concerns. At the end of this class, these student-teachers should have a better understanding of their own assets and liabilities as teachers, strategies for capitalizing on the former and dealing with the latter, new exercises to use with their own students, clearer understanding of institutional expectations, useful tools for planning a class, and new insights into scene coaching and managing feedback.

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The Creative Commons

Curated by Benjamin Lloyd

Mondays, 7 to 10 pm

June 6 – August 15

Every Monday night for most of the summer, actors, dancers, musicians, teachers and students will gather at the Elkins Estate to ask for help, work on projects, demonstrate technique and just play. This is the beginning of White Pines’ exploration of “open-source” creativity: a loosely organized romper-room of art. Ben will provide a simple set of guidelines for how to present ideas and/or request help with something (i.e. “I need a few people to work with me on a section of a piece”, “I want some instruction on Shakespeare”, “I just want to work on a great realistic scene with good partner and a good teacher”), then we will consider how to meet everyone’s needs over the course of the summer. Along the way, we may pause to consider larger issues: how do we wish to be compensated for our work? How do we measure the value of working together? And what role can gathering together in silence play in discerning our deepest wish?

Designed to be a fun way to explore your performance creativity, tell stories and hang out with really cool people, Creative Commons is a ground-breaking new way to teach, to learn, to create – with no money changing hands.

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Payment Policy: Embracing the Gift Economy

Partly inspired by the book The Gift by Lewis Hyde, mindful of headliner artists like Radiohead who have refused to set a price for their work and aware of the economic hardship many of us are struggling with, White Pines offers it’s students “The Gift Exchange” as a payment option for classes:

If you can’t pay the tuition, you are invited to think of your instructor’s work as a gift to you, for which you are invited to offer a gift in exchange. In the past, White Pines students have offered teachers babysitting, art work of their own, housework, house painting. What skills and abilities do you have that you could offer your teacher in lieu of money? What does your teacher need help with? The Gift Exchange offers a wonderful way to bring students and teachers closer together, while providing a meaningful exchange of goods and/or services.

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