I’m playing Scapin. It’ been a blast working on the Irwin/O’Donnell adaptation of Moliere’s adaptation of a commedia scenario. They, and we, have returned it to it’s zany Italian roots. The addition of puppets is director Aaron Cromie’s idea, which works brilliantly in heightening the absurdity of the situations and drawing attention away from the flimsy plot. But of course, the plot’s not the point, something Irwin and O’Donnell point out over and over in the script with funny “meta-gags” like signs that say “Exposition” when someone is setting something up early on. Wonderful puppet actors and two energetic ASMs work an assortment of puppets, and I bound around the set like some . . . big . . . monkey. But I digress. It’s been extended though Jan 10th. Click here for tickets. And to read the rave reviews.

Scapin! Originally published Monday, January 4, 2010