Questpost 4: speed

Showman/Shaman So – how do you like the new look? I got tired of the limitations of the old blog. I was growing envious of others’ spiffy graphics, etc. So here’s my .mac version created with iLife. It’s another learning curve, just like Quaker Quest.

Speaking of which, we have entered the home stretch. Our FGC-sponsored workshop went nicely, though the Core Group had hoped for a larger turnout (including the five of us, there were twenty), and it was clear our facilitators were learning the ropes too. We had two “speakers”, one whom I thought did splendidly and one who I thought bared a bit too much personal information. It made me aware of how important the rehearsals for the sessions are. We need to be mindful that our primary purpose with the sessions themselves is to create a warm and welcoming environment for the Seekers. I feared that my Friend’s frank confessional about things quite personal would have made Seekers uneasy.

We are up against the time crunch of going more quickly that Quaker Quest suggests. But I have been able to plant an article in a regional paper and we are preparing to buy radio ads. The FGC templates for Quaker Quest have been delayed, so we are going to design our own. Way opened today as I was speaking to the Communications Director of the school under our care, and I asked her if she knew any good, cheap graphic designers. She asked what I needed and I described the poster and brochure, showed her the British and American Quaker Quest websites and our press release. She said, oh I can do that for you. Ya. Hoo!

And we’ve chosen our topics:

Sunday April 6th: Quakers and Peace
Sunday April 13th : Quakers and The Experience of God
Sunday April 20th : Quakers and Raising Children
Sunday April 27th: Quakers and Peace
Sunday May 4th : Quakers and The Experience of God
Sunday May 11th : Quakers and Raising Children

Visit the meeting’s website for more info! Questpost 4: speed Wednesday, March 5, 2008