The Horizon

So I will play Katerina in The Taming of The Shrew next year. At my Galileo callback I told Blanka about the U Arts job and the teaching conflicts it will create in any rehearsal schedule. Another actor might have kept that information to himself, landed the role and then told Blanka about the conflicts at the start of rehearsal when there would be little she could do about it. But this is a tangible way in which the Citizen Actor model creates working relationships based on integrity. Blanka is my friend and peer. We were classmates in the Fava workshop, making goofballs of ourselves in front of each other. To have not told her about these conflicts would have been a betrayal of our friendship. It may be my vanity, but I really think that had I not told her, she would have cast me inGalileo. Bill the casting director told me it was the teaching conflicts which led her to pass on me.

And having the offer from the Lantern made it easier to let go of Galileo. So: Invalid, Arcadia and UArts in the fall – with perhaps an Actor’s Way – type class or workshop thrown in; and in the spring, UArts and Shrew, while I wait to hear Arcadia’s reply to my application for their full-time position.

Griff performed in his first play at People’s Light Friday, as part of his week-long summer camp in theatre there. In his class there were two other People’s Light kids: Chaz’s son Nathaniel and Jeep and Marla’s daughter Lexie. We joked that the next generation was already in the pipeline. In this wonderful play about strange happenings around a lake (!), Griff played a Dad. He was, well, fabulous. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

He is still obsessed with Speed of Sound, recently getting his first taste of a music video as our little family descended on an Apple Computer store which opened nearby. Griff put on the earphones to a new iPod and found the video to Speed of Sound. Later that day we played it three times in a row loudly, and sang along as we toodled around doing errands in the car before going to the municipal pool for the afternoon. Good thing I love that song. It sure beats The Wheels on the Bus. I downloaded the video at home for him and he watches it over and over. Recently he told me what he wants to be when he grows up: “A rock star, a baseball player and an inventor.” I said, “Practice, practice, practice.”